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Palo Alto, CA

Research Biostatistician I/II
Job code #RBS4229

This position will assist senior statisticians in supporting major drug discovery
projects and developing new methodologies. Will act as a consultant to
colleagues in biology and chemistry, providing expertise on experimental design,
analysis, and interpretation of results for studies in preclinical bioassay
development and for regulatory submission. This position will also determine
initial approaches and solutions to statistical/mathematical problems and to the
design of automated statistical systems of moderate complexity in drug
discovery/development. Will apply problem-solving and methodological expertise
in experiment design to optimize the experiment within the constraints of the
"real world".
Ph.D./MS/equivalent in Biostatistics, Statistics, or Biomathematics with 1-3
years of relevant experience with Ph.D. or 3-5 years relevant experience with MS
degree (Ph.D. preferred). Must possess a broad knowledge of
statistical/mathematical theory and know how to apply these techniques to the
day-to-day research of a biological laboratory. Excellent communication and
interpersonal skills are a must. Experience using SAS/Stat, knowledge of
experimental design, multivariate analysis, regression analysis, linear and
nonlinear models, nonparametric analysis and sampling techniques required.
Must have a good theoretical background in statistics with experience in biology,
genetics and clinical trials preferred. Experience using S-plus is desirable.
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