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PhD - Statistics/Programmer - Salary range 70-90K - Relocation offered - excellent benefit package

A biopharmaceutical company would like to hire a Statistical Geneticist. To qualify for this position, you should
have knowledge of programming languages such as Splus, R, C++ and/or Fortran. You will be part of the 3
member Statistical Genetics Team. Responsibilities will include methodology development and data analysis
for mapping complex disorders or elucidating gene function. Your programming knowledge, data mining,
analysis and statistical consulting experience will lead you to a successful career opportunity.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Requires a PhD in Statistics, Biostatistics, or related field and have
experience in Statistical Genetics or Genetic Epidemiology.

REQUIRED EXPERIENCE: Familiarity with UNIX computing environment desired. Knowledge of a programming
language such as Fortran, C++, Splus or R is required.

If interested, send your resume to or call me at 401-274-2810 x311

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