Michigan State University
College of Human Medicine
Department of Epidemiology

Faculty Position Statistician/Biostatistician

DUTIES: With a goal of advancing Michigan State University’s commitment to ‘Advancing Knowledge, Transforming Lives,’ we seek an entry-level tenure-stream full-time Assistant Professor of Biostatistics who will join as a member of the faculty of the MSU Department of Epidemiology, with a proposed 12-month appointment in Epidemiology (Division of Biostatistics). To begin, the FTE allocation to the candidate’s own research and biostatistics methods development will be 60%, with the complement assigned to consultations in one or more subject-matter domains of personal interest to the candidate (20%), and related teaching/advising/committee-work (20%). To begin, the successful candidate will be supported entirely by MSU funds; mentoring by more senior faculty members will be provided that will promote the candidate’s success in competition for NIH biostatistics career development awards within three years of the initial appointment. To this end, the successful candidate will have completed PhD dissertation research that creates a solid foundation for a long-term career oriented initially toward biostatistics methods research, and the successful candidate will have achieved a basic mastery of the rudiments of biomedical concepts, principles, and methods appropriate for NIH-oriented career development in collaboration and consultation with experts in one of the subject matter subspecialties of the more senior members of the department faculty (e.g., bioinformatics and genetics, neurology including stroke and vascular disease epidemiology, radiology, perinatal and pediatric epidemiology, human development, cancer epidemiology, or psychiatric epidemiology).

QUALIFICATIONS: A recent PhD from a Biostatistics, Biometry, Statistics or related discipline is required, with scholarly breadth within statistics, applications thereof, as well as the subject-matter rudiments just mentioned. The individual must have excellent English language verbal and written communication skills, and interpersonal skills that will foster the proposed line of career development in collaboration with other faculty members and research trainees.

APPLICATIONS: Before April 1st, 2004, candidates should send a CV with a cover letter that describes (a) the candidate’s career goals in specific areas of biostatistical methods research, (b) subject matter interests and expertise as can be demonstrated via prior collaborations and coursework, (c) the influence of specific mentors during the predoctoral and undergraduate training periods, and (d) the names and contact information for these mentors and other professors or leaders in the field, who have agreed to provide a recommendation on behalf of the candidate.

These materials should be sent to:

Professor Joseph Gardiner, Ph.D.
Director, Division of Biostatistics
Department of Epidemiology
Michigan State University
B629 West Fee Hall
East Lansing, MI 4882

Michigan State University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution. In view of the goals for NIH-oriented research career development, NIH-eligible U.S. citizens or permanent residents are encouraged to apply, as are members of minority groups eligible to apply for NIH minority career development awards.