Metreo, Inc.

Scientist/Senior Scientist

Advanced Analytics Development Openings at Metreo, Inc.

Metreo is soliciting applications for the following position, based in Palo
Alto, CA. Please visit for information regarding Metreo.  If you fit
the profile described below please send your resume to:

Scientist/Senior Scientist.

Metreo's Advanced Analytics Development team is responsible for:

* Developing data mining, statistical and optimization models and algorithms
for customer segmentation, price elasticity estimation and optimal price
* Research and development in data mining, statistical and optimization
algorithms with applications to product and service pricing.
* Validation of the algorithms and models through prototypes
* Writing functional specifications for the implementation of the algorithms
and models in production code and closely with engineering development teams to guarantee
implementation of the specs
* Development of a practice methodology for professional services, business
consulting for data analysis, model construction and validation.
* Evaluation of tools and methodologies for adoption.
* Participate as business consulting, professional services teams data
analysis and model development in pre-sales ROI analyses and post-sales model

Scientist/Senior Scientist Profile

* Must possess extensive knowledge of one of more of the following: advanced
econometrics, statistics, data mining and optimization techniques.
* Development experience using one or more of the following: MATLAB, S-PLUS,
* Requires knowledge in relational databases, SQL.
* Experience writing technical specifications (product, functional, design)
to communicate requirements to a development team
* Minimum of 5 years work experience (post-degree) in model development and
* Excellent written and verbal communicational skills - ability to develop
written specifications for development team, communication of results of analysis
and modeling to business executives in customer organizations.
* Must be able to work in a team in a collaborative environment.
* Direct customer-facing skills a plus
* Experience preferred in an R & D, software development or consulting
* Advanced degree (M.S, Ph.D) in Econometrics, Operations Research (with
emphasis on statistical methods), Statistics, Management Science is required