Methodist Health System
Coordinator of Measurement & Quality

Position Overview: Provides expertise in data collection, analysis, and trending, and the decision support systems used to assess clinical performance measurements.

Provides analysis and interpretation of clinical performance measurement data.
Evaluates data systems used in the measurement of quality and resource utilization data, and provides effective management of those data systems.
Ensures effective and efficient methods of data collection by auditing and evaluating data collection processes across the organization.
Establishes mechanisms to develop and test new models of data collection, analysis, and measurement.
Participates in cleaning, merging, analyzing, and reporting of data.
Develops and implements an accurate and valid reporting system to monitor performance measures and support decision-making processes.
Develops computer programs required for data analysis and reporting.
Responsible for networking with quality improvement and research professionals at institutional, state, and national levels.

Required qualifications:
Bachelors Degree, Masters preferred, in Health Services Information Systems, Biostatistics, or related specialty.
Expertise in quality measurement and improvement theory, tools, and processes.
Expertise in the flow and manipulation of data across healthcare organizations.
3-5 years of experience specifically related to the above job responsibilities required.

Contact Information:

Angie Benkis
Methodist Health System Recruiter
8601 Dodge Street, Suite 28
Omaha, NE  68114
402-354-2188 (fax)