Institut de Biologie de Lillie
Lille, France

Position in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics
Field: Microarray data and complex genetic disease analysis

CNRS UMR 8090 - Genetics of Multifactorial Diseases
Lille - FRANCE

A full time POSITION in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics is available
for 2 years starting November, 2003 in the Department of Human Genetics
- Genetics of Multifactorial Diseases CNRS UMR 8090 - Director of
Unit: Professor Philippe Froguel

Project Description:
Analysis of Affymetrix microarray data from transcriptome experiments
using animal models and genetic data from human polymorphisms typed in
both cohort and family studies. This will be carried out in the context
of exploration of the molecular mechanisms underlying pancreatic
beta-cell dysfunction and associated insulin-resistance.


* Select and set up appropriate statistical methods for analyzing:
*Microarray data, including normalization, selection of
significant expression variation, clustering, GO annotation
* Genetic data, including linkage analysis, association
analysis, linkage disequilibrium mapping and haplotype
* Manage data (acquisition, validation, quality control, organization)
* Analyze data, interpret and present results
* Adapt or develop new statistical tools when necessary
* Optimize usage of such tools and set up standard analysis procedures
* Data acquisition from public databases and other online resources


* Knowledge of statistical methods
* Experience of statistical software such as SPSS, S+ or R
* Strong experience in microarray data analysis
* Knowledge of public databases and other online biological resources

Masters Degree (DESS) or PhD, and, ideally, practical experience of
microarray experiments.

The Position is for 2 years, from the 1st of November 2003, in Lille,
France, in the bioinformatics and biostatistics team (6 people) of the
Genetics of Multifactorial Diseases Laboratory.
Training in population genetics can be provided by the lab

Application Deadline:
Applications will be reviewed in October 2003 until a suitable candidate
is identified.
Interviews may begin in late October

Interested applicants should submit a letter of intent, a summary of
previous research experience and a curriculum vitae, and reference to
Sophie Gallina: