Senior Consultant


The successful candidate will be responsible for the development of campaign strategies, the development of recommendation of statistical models for use in targeted direct marketing, consulting, customer research and analysis, developing test designs for direct marketing campaigns and act as a liaison to MIS both internal and external.  The ideal candidate will have a comprehensive working knowledge of customer research (qualitative and quantitative), multivariate statistical techniques and their application to direct marketing programs.  A Senior Consultant is expected to develop a complete understanding of the relevant business issues and be able to quickly draw insights from them. Finally, a Senior Consultant often plays a mentoring role for more junior Analysts.

Main Activities:

1. Statistical Model Design/Formulation/Development
2. Requirements Analysis
3. Software Development and/or coordination with developers implementing the models
4. Data Analysis
5. Model Validation (e.g. forecast accuracy validation)
6. Determine tactical risks and work with others to test possible solutions to those risks
7. Develop business insights and validate correctness from business perspective


1. Model/Methodology Formulation with associated documentation (Summary of Research Findings, Algorithm/Model Specifications, Discussion of Alternatives Considered, Future Modeling Enhancements)
2. Model Prototypes (e.g. in SAS)
3. Development of Client Business Presentations.
1. A graduate degree in Applied Math/Statistics, Behavioral Sciences, Operations Research or equivalent quantitative field.
2. 2-5 years experience in direct marketing utilizing math/statistical techniques to solve problems in areas such as customer segmentation, predictive modeling, forecasting, optimization, etc.
3. Very strong analytical/logical skills
4. Very strong abilities/background in one or more of the following: forecasting, economic analysis, statistics, probability, decision analysis, computer science, experimental psychology, operations research, optimization, etc.
5. Knowledge of how to formulate mathematical models which address business needs
6. Good interpersonal and communication skills. Must be able to communicate effectively with external clients (customers and prospects) and internal ones (development team, implementation/delivery, marketing, and sales).
7. Excellent organizational skills, the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, and the ability to work both independently and within groups.
8. Strong business orientation, analytical aptitude and experience in data analysis
9. Strong knowledge of data analysis and prototyping tools (SQL, SAS, advanced Excel)

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Senior Analyst

Basic Function:

· SAS programming
· Data extraction, aggregation, conversion, and QC
· Statistical analysis
· Reporting and presentation

Principal Responsibilities and Activities  (In priority order):

· Ensure the data environment supporting analytical projects.
· Liaison with database and other internal teams to define requirements and oversee the delivery and QC of periodic reports to the client.
· Apply database knowledge and programming skills to solve business problems by performing data intensive tasks.
· Execute statistical analyses to meet internal and external client needs.
· Develop recommendations, reports and presentations to support management decision-making.

 Please contact Jennifer Koneval, Senior Staffing Specialist,

Director of Analytics

This position will lead a multi-functional team develop customer insight through innovative thinking and the use of advanced research statistical methods.

Candidate should have demonstrated success in assessment of existing and potential markets, business case development for analytical services, formulating business strategies, and creating excellent relationships with internal and external clients.

Responsible for supervising analytical projects and mathematical models and ensure accurate development and execution of advanced statistical methods applied to business situations, including but no limited to: response modeling, life cycle evaluation, segmentation, and clustering.


· Excellent oral and written communication skills
· Strong business orientation, understanding of targeted direct marketing, database marketing, customer relationship management, customer lifetime value, consumer behavior models.
· Experience and/or ability to interface with Fortune 500 clients and develop analytical opportunities.
· Minimum of 3 years supervisory experience with 5-10 years business experience.
· Experience in applied research (quantitative and qualitative), statistical modeling, time series, multivariate and regression analysis.
· Advanced degree, Ph.D. in social science discipline
· Statistical software (SAS, SPSS, etc.), and MS Office
· Experience building and maintaining reporting platforms
· Managing reporting schedules
· Must have time series experience
· Optimization background

Please contact Jennifer Koneval, Senior Staffing Specialist,