PhD Position

The Phd student will work in the research project entitled "Battery Management". Batteries have become
very important for portable equipment such as telephones, computers and other similar devices. Various
battery types are available for these purposes and, although their chemical description is currently
satisfactory, complex mathematical problems still need to be investigated.

The work will be carried out in close collaboration with a post-doctoral fellow at EURANDOM, in regular
contact with researchers of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and with the Research Laboratory
of Royal Philips Electronics, all three at Eindhoven. The task includes the publishing of the research results in
international journals and a completed PhD dissertation.

EURANDOM is a European research institute for the study of random phenomena. It conducts research in
mathematical applied statistics, probability theory and stochastic operations research. EURANDOM is
located at the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.

The research programmes are carried out by postdocs and graduate students, coordinated by senior
scientists in the relevant areas. Workshops, seminars and an extensive visitors' programme are part of the
scientific activities of EURANDOM.

We need an energetic person with high qualification in mathematics as well as familiarity with programming
and programming languages. An enthusiasm for scientific and industrial applications would be an advantage.
The ability to communicate effectively with a variety of professionals is also important. The position is
available for four years subject to a positive review at the end of year one. During this period of four years a
thesis will be prepared, resulting in the degree of Doctor.

Candidates are encouraged to send a letter of application, together with a curriculum vitae with full
educational details to:

Prof.dr. W.Th.F. den Hollander
Scientific Director
P.O. Box 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
the Netherlands
Phone: + 31 40 247 8100
fax: + 31 40 247 8190
e-mail: office@eurandom.tue.n

Requests for further information may be sent to the same address.

For more information about EURANDOM, please consult:

If you apply, please mention: jobs stat ufl edu