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Measurement Statistician Positions
 Headquartered in Princeton, NJ, Educational Testing Service (ETS) is the
 world's premier educational measurement institution and a leader in
 educational research.  As an innovator in developing achievement and
 occupational tests for clients in business, education, and government, we
 are determined to advance educational excellence for the communities we
 The positions of Measurement Statistician in the Research & Development
 Division involve directing, planning, and conducting statistical
 activities for large-scale paper and computer-based testing programs. This
 includes developing score interpretation materials and testing program
 publications through the application of statistical methods and indices.
 Measurement Statisticians provide statistical programming in support of
 special analyses related to testing program work and are responsible for
 score equating using classical test theory or item response theory;
 performing and interpreting data analyses (e.g., item analyses,
 reliability analyses, and differential item functioning analyses); and for
 other statistical and psychometric routines.  Individuals also perform
 research in innovative assessment techniques and run data analysis
 routines using statistical software packages.
 A doctorate (or A.B.D. but must anticipate receiving doctoral degree
 within 6 months of hire) in educational or psychological measurement and
 statistics, educational psychology or a closely related field. Candidates
 must have at least one year of experience in educational measurement,
 applied statistics, or teaching.  Experience may be gained through
 doctoral studies.  In lieu of a doctoral degree, a master's degree with at
 least three years of experience is also acceptable.
 A doctoral degree in educational or psychological measurement and
 statistics, educational psychology, or a closely related field with at
 least three years of experience in an applied measurement or statistical
 analysis environment is required.  In lieu of a doctoral degree, a
 master's degree with at least six years of experience is also acceptable.
 Experience or education for both junior and mid-level positions must
 include applying and interpreting psychometric methods in at least two of
 the following areas:  item analysis, factor analysis, scaling, equating,
 standard setting and/or item calibration.  Candidates must also have
 experience in applying statistical procedures, and their applications;
 application of classical test theory and item response theory; and use of
 statistical software packages.
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