Duke University
Statistical Science, Computational & Cancer Genomics

Faculty Positions

The Computational and Applied Genomics Program (CAGP) at Duke
University is a multidisciplinary program concerned with the creation,
modeling, analysis and integration of genomic information into basic
and clinical biomedical studies. CAGP research interlaces with a
number of the Duke departments and centers of the Duke Institute for
Genome Sciences and Policy (IGSP). CAGP research includes statistical
theory and methods, computational statistics, computational biology,
molecular biology, genomics, and translational clinical research.
Current applications involve collaborations with IGSP centers and
other Duke programs in cancer, cardiovascular disease, the
neurosciences and other biomedical fields.

The Program is co-directed by Professors Mike West (Statistics and
Decision Sciences) and Joseph Nevins (Molecular Genetics and

CAGP cancer projects are expanding. Under the auspices of IGSP,
Duke University and Duke University Medical Center will appoint
several new faculty members to be associated with these projects.
Positions available currently are for faculty in areas that include:

 * Statistical sciences, with interests in computational biology
         and medical genomics,
 * Computational sciences and bioinformatics, with interests in
        medical genomics, and

 * Cancer biology, with interests in basic and clinical research.

Applicants with interests in breast cancer genomics are particularly
encouraged. Duke's IGSP offers exceptional and unique opportunities
for outstanding disciplinary researchers in statistics, computational
science and biomedical science whose vision and commitment is to
interdisciplinary computational genomics in medicine. Appointees
will have faculty homes in an appropriate academic department, and
be supported by generous start-up packages from the IGSP. Positions
are available immediately and applications will be reviewed until
the positions are filled.

Further details, including application procedures and contact
information, can be found at www.cagp.duke.edu. Salary, terms and
benefits are very competitive. Applications from suitably qualified
women and minority candidates are particularly encouraged. Duke
University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.