Duke Clinical Research Institute
Outcomes Research and Assessment Group


An expanding Outcomes Research and Assessment Group at the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) is seeking talented and highly motivated statisticians and statistical programmers to become members of our outcomes team.

The DCRI, located in Durham, North Carolina, is a multidisciplinary group with over 700 members.  Clinical trials in many therapeutic areas are coordinated here.  The Outcomes Research and Assessment Group consists of over 60 physicians, economists, biostatisticians, and other personnel and has performed some of the largest economic and quality of life analyses of clinical cardiovascular trials ever conducted.  We are also the data analysis center for various data registries including the Society of Thoracic Surgeons and CRUSADE.

Primary responsibilities for statistician include:
· Become a member of a research team of clinicians, statisticians, and programmers
· Perform a variety of statistical analyses
· Produce written and graphical summaries of analysis results
· Participate in review and discussion of analysis results with clinical faculty
· Participate in the preparation of manuscripts for peer-reviewed publication
· Provide statistical guidance during the design, start-up, data collection, and analysis phases of major clinical research studies
Applicants should have a Masterís degree with experience in these areas or a Ph. D. in biostatistics.

Primary responsibilities for statistical programmer include:
· Create SAS data analysis files from various database formats
· Produce publication-quality tables using SAS
· Produce publication-quality figures using SAS Graph
· Create automated, site-specific data summaries

Requires: Bachelorís degree in Computer Science or demonstrated SAS programming expertise

If interested, please e-mail resume and contact information to Leila Jackson
(e-mail: mohaj001@mc.duke.edu).