Senior Statistician/Mathematician

Critical Path Inc.

Role Description: Apply advanced mathematical and statistical techniques for data mining and developing predictive models which significantly advance the process of drug discovery. Recommend experimental design techniques for data collection functions to insure that the data generation activity maximizes the data analysis and data mining functions. A highly seasoned and creative individual is desired in order to use corporate research information to facilitate a transformational change in the way decisions are made in drug discovery. Provide general consultation and support to staff in all areas of mathematics and statistics.

Minimum Requirements: 5-8 years experience delivering mathematical support and partnership to the pharmaceutical discovery function. Alternatively, similar experience within a scientifically-oriented environment would suffice. In-depth experience with techniques such as artificial intelligence algorithms, Baysian statistics, or other advanced mathematical techniques. Demonstrated creativity in the use of mathematics to effect positive changes in an organization's strategy and direction. Excellent written and oral communication skills. Educational requirements: MS or PhD in mathematics.

Desired Requirements: Experience in bioinformatics, molecular biology, computational chemistry, and/or programming languages such as Java or Visual Basic, Perl. 8+ years experience in a leading pharmaceutical firm, preferably in the discovery research area and preferably involved in the scientific decision making process.

Please contact Kerry Boehner of Critical Path, Inc. at or 412-851-4144 x14 or fax at 412-851-5409