Univerisity of Chicago
Department of Statistics

Postdoctoral position in Statistical Genetics

A 2-3 year postdoctoral position in statistical genetics will be available in the Department of
Statistics at the University of Chicago. The position will be under the supervision of Mary Sara

There is a wide range of possible projects.  One broad area of interest  is development of
statistical methods for mapping complex traits. Within this broad area, sub-areas of major interest
include analysis of linkage disequilibrium in human populations and complex trait
mapping in an isolated founder population with a large inbred pedigree.  Another area of interest is
development of computational methods for physical map assembly and development of statistical
methods to assess the local quality of the assembled map.

The University of Chicago is extremely strong in the research areas related to this position.  There
are possibilities for close collaboration with a number of leading empirical groups including groups
studying human variation, complex disease mapping, and optical  mapping.  There is also a strong
community in statistics in general, and statistical genetics in particular.

Informal inquiries may be emailed to Mary Sara McPeek (mcpeek@galton.uchicago.edu).

Send vita, statement of research interests and goals (2-3 pages), copies of research papers,
                      transcripts, three letters of reference to:

                          Prof. Mary Sara McPeek
                          Department of Statistics
                          The University of Chicago
                         5734 S. University Avenue
                           Chicago, Illinois 60637

Review of applications will begin Dec. 15.  There is some flexibility in the start date.

For further information:
Department of Statistics http://galton.uchicago.edu
Mary Sara McPeek http://galton.uchicago.edu/~mcpeek/