Cellomics Inc.


Date: August 7, 2001
Job Title: Statistician BG7
Salary: Competitive
FLSA Status: Exempt
Supervisor: VP Systems
Dept: Research and Development


Cellomics Inc. is a private company, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that provides sophisticated software and instrumentation combined with biology solutions for the pharmaceutical industry to facilitate the process of new drug discovery. The purpose of this position is to work with applications and systems research and development to design statistically sound assays, evaluate the performance of systems and assays, and design validation procedures.

Position Responsibilities:

* Apply methods of Experimental Design to the development of systems and applications to improve the overall performance and reliability of our products.

* Work with Biological applications developers to design and implement robust assays for drug discovery applications.

* Work with Engineering and Applications development to evaluate and optimize the overall performance of assays and systems.

* Work with the assay automation team to improve the performance of assays and systems.

* Work with assay automation team to improve the performance of automated sample preparation solutions.

* Other duties as assigned.



* Previous experience with application of statistical experimental design methods to biology, preferably in a commercial environment.

* Experience in Pharmacology a plus.

* Experience or knowledge of Biostatistics or statistical methods in biology research.

* Experience with analysis of data from analytical instrumentation a plus.

* A BS or MS in Mathematics, Biology, biostatistics, Biometry or engineering or the equivalent experience required.


Cellomics Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers employment opportunities to all qualified persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age (40-70), national origin, sexual orientation or physical disability (except where physical or mental abilities are a bona fide occupational requirement).

To apply for this position, please send information to:

Human Resources
Cellomics Inc.
635 William Pitt Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Fax: 412-826-3850
email: hr@cellomics.com