CastleRock Technologies, Inc.

S-CA, Sr. Management Position , Oncological Biostatistics
 A Southern California company, we're the 'New York Yankees'
 amid big pharma. Thus, we're not a company for everybody. But
 if you want to take your Biostatistics PhD, your industry
 statistical experience and use as a launch pad into the
 executive level, then considering joining us as an Associate
 Director of Oncological Biostatistics.We target nephrology,
 cancer, inflammatory disorders, and metabolic and
 neurodegenerative diseases. Our Anti-anemia drug and our
 immune system stimulator account for most of our sales. We
 have a promising drug pipeline and research and marketing
 alliances with Hoffmann-La Roche, Japanese brewer and
 drugmaker Kirin, and other pharmas.
 Because of our size, an associate director here is the
 equivalent of a vice president in many smaller firms. Our bias
 is to go with a proven producer at another large pharma where
 we know the responsibilities have been similar.
 You will be tasked with
    hitting the ground running and interfacing with employees
    in medical affairs, sales and marketing;
    managing CROs; getting them to deliver quality research and
    to do so on strict timelines;
    managing CRO budgets;
    being the lead for a molecule; understanding it inside and
    out; mining data sets;
    having the composure, knowledge and experience to make
    convincing arguments about your efforts before the
    withering scrutiny of our most senior officers.
    You will lead statistical responsibility for an entire
    program, including oversight for the conduct and day-to-day
    statistical operations. You will design, analyze, interpret
    and report on non-registrational clinical trials, including
    Phase IIIb/IV trials, investigator INDs, and clinical
    One of your key responsibilities will be exploratory data
    analyses, involving data mining of primary and secondary
    data sources. This will lead to your publishing
    manuscripts, abstracts, and hypotheses that coincide with
    the goals and objectives of the Biostatistics and Data
    Warehousing, Medical Affairs.
    We are seeking someone who wants to get their hands dirty,
    who has an excellent statistical background and whose
    experience includes appropriate programming skills. As you
    will be going toe to toe with our executive team, your
    communication skills must be excellent. If English is not
    your mother tongue, it should not be evident in your
    written and verbal communications. You will supervise solid
    line and/or dotted line Biometric functions, providing
    statistical leadership within the Department.
    We want a PhD in Biostatistics. Anything less must
    therefore be counterbalanced by some other 'plus.'
    Ten to 14+ years of biostatistical experience, of which
    eight years are in an industrial pharmaceutical role;
    four to five years of relevant programming experience;
    four to six years of experience in managing external
    technical resources;
    five to six years of experience with regulatory contacts;
    four to eight years of direct supervisory experience;
    four to six years conducting medical research within the
    field of oncology field.
    Skills We Will Review During Your Interviews
    Communication - have you the requisite presentation, oral,
    and written communication skills such that you can deal
    with upper management effectively.
    Administrative - have you the project management, time
    management, recruiting, and resourcing skills to do the job
    Technical - what is the depth and breadth of your
    statistical knowledge and programming skills; are you an
    accomplished SAS programmer; how are your study methods
    (data flow, design analysis, interpretation); do you have
    broad clinical/medical and other relevant knowledge; are
    you current with regulatory knowledge.
    Supervision - how well can you direct and manage external
    resources (which includes providing &
    reviewing analysis/programming specifications); can you
    mentor and develop staff.
    Competencies: Leadership/Team - we want to know if you are
    a leader; can you influence people; facilitate situations;
    be assertive not passive; relate with others and build
    Personal/Interpersonal - we will explore your judgment,
    discretion, your ability to accept personal responsibility
    and accountability; your degree of self-motivation; your
    initiative and work ethic.
    Problem Solving/Task Orientation - Your interview will
    explore how broad your perspective is; how you work at
    problem solving; the extent of your goal orientation; to
    what extent you are process oriented; how innovative you
    are; how influential you are; your ability to research a
    problem, and find a solution and proficiently demonstrate
    that solution.
    We are asking a lot; we will give a lot.Compensation
    Salary can range between $100k and $175k; bottom line is if
    you are the person we want, we can afford you.
    Stock option purchase plan. You are eligible for a management incentive program.
    Day care, Onsite health care facility, Comprehensive benefit package.
    Relocation package
    Send your resume to Jerry Bires at as a
    Word attachment and we can proceed with the qualification

We will not sponsor an H-1b visa but we will
    relocate from anywhere in North America.