Bristol-Myers Squibb PRI (Hopewell, NJ)
Clinical Discovery (PROTEOMICS)

Job Title: Research Scientist /Research Investigator

Bristol-Myers Squibb pharmaceuticals is a world leader in therapeutic areas such as cancer, diabetes, and
cardiovascular diseases.  The BMS pharmaceutical research institute is engaged in exciting research in Applied
Genomics and Proteomics.  The Proteomics group in Clinical Discovery is currently recruiting Biostatisticians
interested in joining a winning team of dedicated researchers to support and develop biostatistical tools to extract
relevant biological information from Proteomics data and associate it with pre-clinical and clinical research.

In this role, you will provide extensive biostatistical support in the experimental design, planning, analysis of studies
for novel biomarker discovery and development.   Work with staff members within Proteomics and Clinical
Discovery as well as clinical biostatistics and bioinformatics.   Interpret and prepare study
results such that results can be presented in internal reports as well as in  external submissions.  Develop new
statistical programs or implement/adapt existing statistical packages as necessary to perform analysis, identify and
implement data visualization tools, verify data accuracy and validity.

Requirements for the position include a M.S.(with appropriate experience)/Ph.D. in Biostatistics or Statistics with
knowledge and/or experience in biochemistry/biology/ pharmaceutical industry.  Individuals must have demonstrated
sound knowledge of major statistical software packages, SAS, S plus and/or R, and the ability to associate statistical
treatments with biochemical concepts . Experience must include demonstrated team work, excellent communication
and presentation skills, both written and verbal.

Please email Resume/CV along with cover letter to: