Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Research Biostatistician

 Department:             Clinical Discovery Statistics
 Location:                   Princeton-  LVINCETON-LV
 Position Description and Responsibilities:
                    Provide extensive biostatistical support in the planning, analysis and
                    preparation of reports for exploratory clinical studies and for registering drugs
                    in theU.S. and internationally. Conduct statistical analysis of pharmacokinetic
                    and pharmacodynamic parameters of early drug candidates. Work with senior
                    staff members and clinical monitors in the design and conduct of clinical
                    studies and evaluation. Interpret and prepare study results to be presented in
                    internal reports as well as in submission to the FDA and other regulatory
                    agencies. Develop statistical programs as necessary to perform analysis,
                    prepare data displays, and verify data accuracy and validity.

 Position Requirements:
                    Ph.D. in Biostatistics or Statistics with knowledge of the pharmaceutical
                    industry or Masters with industry experience. Must have demonstrated sound
                    knowledge of major statistical software packages, SAS and Splus, and the
                    ability to integrate statistical and biomedical concepts. Experience must
                    include consulting withresearch personnel, including clinical researchers and
                    authorship on formal reports, excellent communication and presentation skills,
                    both written and verbal, are essential.

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