Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Research Scientist / Research Investigator

MS/PhD Biochemistry/Moleclar Biology  with expertise in bio-statistical analysis/informatics 2-5 years of
experience would be preferable.

(1) Must have significant experience in Biochemistry and/or Molecular Biology with particular focus on
bio-statistics and informatics.
(2) Must have a strong background and experience in bio-statistics with focus on data mining, principal components
analysis, pattern recognition, discriminate analysis and multivariate analysis.
(3) Must have experience in SAS, S-plus as well as other statistical packages.  Significant experience in data
visualization packages such as spotfire, partek  would be a plus.
(4) Experience in application of bio-statistical tools to expression profiling analysis will be desirable.
(5) Experience in application of bio-statistical tools to  proteomics analysis will be a plus.
(6) Background/experience in clinical bio-statistics would be a definite plus.
(7) Must have reasonable experience in bioinformatics, computer programming and relational database management
(8) Experience in LIMS development and management would be a plus.

(1) Statistical analysis (multivariate analysis, pattern recognition, discriminate analysis) of non-clinical and clinical
samples for protein analysis using multidimensional liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.
(2) Analysis of mass spectral and tandem mass spectral data using current and future mass informatics platforms.
(3) Biostatistical analysis of expression profiling and pharmacogenomics data.
(4) Develop statistical and visualization tools to compare and contrast gene expression profiling and protein profiling
(5) Develop experimental design parameters for clinical and non-clinical biomarker discovery/validation programs.
(6) Analyze varied experimental data from LIMS and/or relational databases.
(7) Analysis of varied data types for trends and patterns.
(8) Must be a team player and willing to work in a team oriented environment.
(9) Must also contribute to positive, supportive, and cooperative culture.

 Please e-mail resumes to:
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08543. fax 609-252-3988.