Biostatistician - Boston, MA
I am assisting to recruit a Biostatistician for an academic research group located in Boston, MA.  Here is more information on this exciting opportunity:
This client is seeking a highly-qualified Biostatistician to support all aspects of clinical investigation, including design and analysis of clinical studies, collaborate with investigators affiliated with a major medical school, grant and protocol development and review, and teaching and mentoring of junior investigators.
The individual must have:
*an M.S. or Ph.D. in statistics or Biostatistics
*a strong record of collaborative research
*3+ years experience
*excellent interpersonal skills
*excellent oral and written communication
*multitasking capability to handle numerous simultaneous projects
*a strong commitment to excellence in research.
Candidates with broad consulting interests who enjoy collaborating with physicians and research staff are encouraged to apply. Expertise in study design, grant writing, clinical trials, case-control and cohort studies, statistical genetics, hierarchical, longitudinal, survival, nonlinear, SAS.
The Biostatistician will have a research associate appointment.  and not a clinical trials coordinating center.

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest, CV, writing sample, and reference information to: