Corporate Job Vacancy

A very large regional company has a Birmingham position open.

We are looking for a graduate level Mathematician with an emphasis and
background in statistics.  This person must have basic UNIX skills and some
computer programming background.

The job responsibilities include:
        1.      Programming and maintaining sophisticated statistical routines in SPLUS (Insightful Corp.)
        2.      Doing statistical analysis on large data volumes.
        3.      Writing reports and presenting findings to management.
        4.      Explaining programmed statistical implementation to third party auditors.
        5.      Other responsibilities as assigned.

Masters level degree in Statistics, Mathematics, or Computer
Science with an emphasis in statistics.  Basic UNIX skills.  Familiarity
with MicroSoft desktop environment.  Some computer programming experience.
Self Starter.  Works well in team environment.  Excellent communication

Experience with SPLUS.  Experience with Oracle.  Experience with SQL. Experience with Solaris(UNIX).

Only open to US residents and current green card holders. Will NOT sponsor.

If you meet these requirements please send an email with resume and contact
information to: