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Senior Researcher - California Health Interview Survey (CHIS)

The Senior Researcher is responsible for conducting thre= e specific studies, one each on cancer, diabetes, and asthma, using Calif= ornia Health Interview Survey (CHIS) data. These studies have been funded= by The California Endowment (TCE). The incumbent, working with principa= l investigators and other research staff to design the studies to meet th= e project objectives, will have primary responsibility for implementing t= he study design, directing the analyses, and producing the related public= ations. Publications include in-depth policy research reports and related= policy briefs - one each on cancer, diabetes, and asthma in California. = In addition, the Senior Researcher will participate with Center and other= scientists in writing scholarly articles for publication in peer-reviewe= d journals. = Project Description: CHIS is the largest telephone health survey in the c= ountry. Telephone interviews are being conducted with adults, parents of= young children and with adolescents in over 55,000 households. Its purp= ose is to learn about the health of the people in California, if, where a= nd how people get health care, and who pays for it. CHIS is designed to = cover the wide diversity of California's population along the state's man= y important race, income, and geographic dimensions. The adult interview= asks about health status and conditions, mental health care, dental heal= th and vision care, cancer, physical activity and diet, smoking, drinking= , access to and use of health services, and health insurance coverage. L= ocal and state public health officials policy makers and advocates are lo= oking to this survey for information to help improve existing health serv= ices in communities across the state. Qualifications: Doctoral degree and strong background in a relevant publi= c health field. Must be familiar with health services and health policy = research and have experience working with large survey data sets. Five y= ears experience as a research project manager with knowledge of and exper= ience working with populations of color, including Latino populations. Ex= cellent data analysis and computer skills and knowledge of SAS (Statistic= al Analysis System) data analysis programming, including data access, dat= a retrieval, data management, data analysis, and data presentation. Excel= lent writing skills (a writing sample will be requested). Experience in p= resenting results at professional conferences and meetings as well as to = clients that include multicultural constituencies. Must be familiar with = confidentiality requirements, and contract and grant administration polic= ies. Position and Compensation: This position provides excellent University ca= reer benefits. Salary is highly competitive and negotiable, commensurate = with qualifications and experience. The Center: The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, part of the UCLA = School of Public Health and the School of Public Policy and Social Resear= ch, conducts research and provides public service relating to health poli= cy issues at the national, state, and local levels. Its research and poli= cy analysis focus especially on issues of access to health care. = How to apply: Please submit a brief letter of application, salary history= , and r=E9sum=E9 to Bernie Dempsey, 10911 Weyburn Avenue, Suite 300, Los = Angeles, CA 90024. R=E9sum=E9s may be faxed to (310) 794-2686 or emailed = to bdempsey@ucla.edu. Applications will be accepted until position is fil= led. - June 6, 2001

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