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The Boeing Company Applied Statistics group is devoted to a combination of research and consulting in support of aerospace industry needs. We work in classical areas of statistical application to industry, e.g., Survey Analysis, Statistical Quality Control, Design of Experiments (DOE), and Reliability. We also work on some less conventional areas, e.g., Metrology and Tolerancing. The aerospace industry is rich in diverse and complex problems. This richness leads us to other areas of research and applications including Software Reliability, Data Mining, Neural Networks, Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments, Bayesian Information Retrieval, Financial Modeling and Bayesian Graphical Models.

The Applied Statistics group is part of the Mathematics & Computing Technology research and development organization. In this environment statisticians interact with colleagues in diverse areas of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. For more information we invite you to visit our web site at

We are seeking statisticians interested applying their knowledge in an industry with an ever growing variety of projects. Examples of these include Air Traffic Management, Modeling of Engine Inlet Flow, Computer System Reliability, Electronic Component Testing, Wind Tunnel Experiments, Hole Alignment Tolerance Stacking Issues.

We are seeking people with the following credentials and aptitudes:

* Ph.D. in Statistics (or equivalent) with an experience in applications, in research, proficiency in statistical analysis packages, and in development of statistical software.
* Experience interacting or consulting with non-statisticians, e.g., engineers.
* In research, the statistician should show valuable experience through the relevance of their publications.
* Great enthusiasm, good communication skills.

If you are interested please send your resume to

Roberto Altschul
Applied Statistics
Mathematics & Technology
Boeing Company
Box 3707, MC 7L-22
Seattle WA, 98124-2207

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The Boeing Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer.