Position Announcement

Office of Special Populations

New York Academy of Medicine

Position: Statistical Programmer/Data Analyst

The New York Academy of Medicine is a 155 year-old research-intensive institution focused primarily on issues in urban health. The Office of Special Populations aims to identify and ameliorate barriers to care for people with HIV/AIDS as well as to promote programs and services aimed at prevention. The Office is pursuing clusters of projects that address some of the more pressing issues: adherence to complex treatment regimens, HIV and AIDS among active substance users, access and continuity of care in communities of color, and processes for effective allocation of HIV funds.

Responsibilities: Prepare analysis plans/specifications, perform data analysis and write statistical reports on multiple projects. Collaborate with researchers from varied fields (anthropologists, sociologists, health-care providers and epidemiologists) and data managers towards addressing socio-economic and public health issues.


Starting Date: October 1, 2001

Contact Information:

Send resumes and two references to:

Rajat Mukherjee
New York Academy of Medicine
Office of Special Populations
1216 Fifth Avenue, Suite 446
New York, NY 10029-5293

Tel: 212 419-3513
Fax: 212 876-4220

Email: rmukherjee@nyam.org