Federal Position - Air Force Audit Agency


Vacancy Announcement 11th WING
Announcement Number: 01-041
Position Title, Series, Grade: Statistician GS-1530-12 T13
Opening Date: 02-19-01
Location: March AFB CA (Air Force Audit Agency)
Closing Date: 03-09-01
Internet address: http://www.bolling.af.mil/organizations/wing/wg_staff/wg_orgs/civilian_personnel/index.ht
SALARY: GS-12 $55,153.00 (includes locality adjustment)
TYPE OF APPOINTMENT: Permanent (Competitive Service)

WHO MAY APPLY: Current and former Federal civil service employees with competitive career/career conditional status, EO 12721 (Overseas Family Members), 30% Disabled Veterans Program, Handicapped Employment Program or permanent Nonappropriated Fund (NAF/AAFES) employees eligible under OPM/DOD Interchange Agreement. Veterans who are preference eligibles or who have been separated from the armed forces under honorable conditions after 3 years or more of continuous service may apply. Please also see Other Significant Facts.

This agency provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities. If you need a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process, please notify the agency. The decision on granting reasonable accommodation will be on a case-by-case basis.

DUTIES: The incumbent functions as the Air Force Audit Agency (AFAA) consultant statistician providing technical statistical advice, and assistance to all AFAA activities on methods to apply statistical techniques to audits having Air Force-wide as well as installation-level implications. POC for further information for duties of the position is Nick Horsky, DSN 947-7012 or commercial (909) 655-7012.

QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Candidates must have one year of specialized experience at the GS-1530-11 level or equivalent which has equipped the candidate with the knowledges, skills, or abilities (KSA) and which is in or related to the position


EDUCATION: Degree: that included 15 semester hours in statistics (or in mathematics and statistics, proved at least 6 semester hours were in statistics), and 9 additional semester hours in one or more of the following: physical or biological sciences, medicine, education, or engineering; or in the social sciences including demography, history, economics, social welfare, geography, international relations social or cultural anthropology, health sociology, political science, public administration, psychology, etc. Credit toward meeting statistical course requirements will only be given for courses in which 50 percent of the course content appears to be statistical methods, e.g. courses that included research methods in psychology or economics such as tests and measurements or business cycles, or courses in methods of processing mass statistical data such as tabulating methods or electronic data processing. It is incumbent upon the applicant to provide the documents necessary to verify the course content or evaluation.


Combination of education and experience -- courses as shown in the paragraph above, plus appropriate experience or additional education. The experience should have included a full range of professional statistical work such as sampling, collecting, computing, and analyzing statistical data, and applying statistical techniques such as measurement of central tendency, dispersion, skewness, sampling error, simple and multiple correlation, analysis of variance, and tests of significance.

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & ABILITIES REQUIRED: Applicants should specifically address each of the following job-related KSAs on a separate sheet of paper. State when, where and how you obtained each; either through experience, education or training. Failure to submit this information may affect your ranking for referral for this position.

  1. Knowledge of applied statistical methods and advanced statistical techniques to be able to utilize such methods and techniques in a materiel and systems audit environment.
  2. Knowledge of accounting and auditing policies, principles and techniques, as well as policies, procedures and regulations governing audit operations.
  3. Ability to act independently and without direct supervision in planning, initiating, and directing a wide range of statistical data collection and analysis procedures.
  4. Ability to communicate both orally and in writing.

BASIS OF RATING: Candidates will be rated on the extent and quality of their experience, education, and training based on their written statements contained in the application package. NOTE: Only experience and education acquired by the filing deadline will be considered.



If you are a displaced Federal employee, you may be entitled to receive special priority selection under the ICTAP. To receive this priority consideration, you must:

  1. Be a displaced Federal employee. You must submit a copy of the appropriate documentation such as RIF separation notice, a letter from OPM or your agency documenting your priority consideration status with your application package. The following categories of candidates are considered displaced employees:
    1. Current or former career or career-conditional (tenure group I or II) competitive service employees who:
      1. Received a specific RIF separation notice; or
      2. Separated because of a compensable injury, whose compensation has been terminated, and whose former agency certifies that it is unable to place; or
      3. Retired with a disability and whose disability annuity has been or is being terminated; or
      4. Upon receipt of a RIF separation notice retired on the effective date of the RIF AND submits a Standard Form 50 that indicates "Retirement in lieu of RIF"; or
      5. Retired under the discontinued service retirement option; or
      6. was separated because he/she declined a transfer of function or directed reassignment to another commuting area, OR
    2. Former Military Reserve or National Guard Technicians who are receiving a special Office Of Personnel Management (OPM) disability retirement annuity under section 8337(h) or 8456 of title 5 USC.
  2. Be applying for a position at or below the grade level of the position from which you have been separated. The position must not have a greater promotion potential than the position from which you were separated.
  3. Have a current (or last) performance rating of record of at least fully successful or equivalent. This must be submitted with your application package. (This requirement does not apply to candidates who are eligible due to compensable injury or disability retirement).
  4. Occupy or be displaced from a position in the same local commuting area of the position for which you are requesting priority consideration.
  5. File your application by the vacancy announcement closing date and meet all the application criteria (e.g. submit all required documentation, etc).
  6. Be rated well qualified for the position. Candidates must be rated fully acceptable for each announced knowledge, skill, and ability; OR to be determined well qualified an applicant must demonstrate that their experience exceeds the minimum qualification requirements. This demonstration of experience is to be addressed for each evaluation criteria; OR to be considered well qualified and exercise selection priority for this vacancy, eligible displaced Federal employees must meet or exceed the fully successful level for the desired KSAs.

HOW TO APPLY: Submit, OF 612 "Optional Application for Federal Employment", OR a Resume, OR a SF 171, "Application for Federal Employment" AND on a separate sheet of paper address the KSAs and how they relate to your work experience, education or training; AND provide legible copies of official college transcripts; AND a SF181, "Race and National Origin Identification" (voluntary) to the address below. Applications must include certain information to receive consideration. The brochure "Applying for a Federal Job" (OF 510) outlines what is required or you may access the information on our home page or at www.usajobs.opm.gov

Mail complete application packages to:

1460 Air Force Pentagon, Room 5E871
Washington, DC. 20330-1460
ATTN: Announcement# 01-041

CONTENTS OF THE APPLICATION/RESUME PACKAGE: In addition to the information on experience and education requested above, the announcement number, title and grade of the position must be included. The following personal information is also required: Full name, mailing address, day and evening phone numbers, social security number, country of citizenship and veterans' preference. Applicants claiming veterans preference should include DD 214 (member copy 4) and, if entitled to 10-point preference, SF 15 with required proof of entitlement. Applicants with civil service status must provide copies of SF-50 "Notification of Personnel Action" that substantiate their eligibility to apply and proof of time in grade, if appropriate, and a copy of their most recent performance appraisal. Applicants exercising Military Spouse Preference must also include a copy of the sponsor's orders of assignment to the geographic area. Applicants eligible under the DoD/OPM Interchange Agreement must provide a copy of their most recent personnel action and a copy of the personnel action that placed them on a regular/permanent position.

Applicants are encouraged to ensure that all documents and information is provided in their application package to ensure full consideration for this position.

FILING DEADLINE: Applications forwarded through the USPS must be postmarked by the closing date and received in our office within 5 calendar days after the closing date. Applications delivered by other methods must be received by the close of business on the closing date. Additions/changes to applications must be received or postmarked by the closing/cut-off date of the announcement.

LENGTH OF ELIGIBILITY: Applications accepted under this announcement will be considered only for the vacancy described above. Applications become the property of the Civilian Personnel Office and will not be returned. Personal copies should be made prior to submission for consideration.

Selection will be based solely upon merit and without discrimination because of age, race, color, sex, religion, national origin, martial status, physical or mental handicap, creed, political affiliation, or any other non-merit reason.