The Statistician is responsible for the methodology underlying Internet performance monitoring. This includes the design of data collection procedures, developing techniques for automated processing of the data, and writing appropriate interpretations of results.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
Develop and document methodology (experimental design) for data collection.
Review current data analysis techniques, define improvements, and develop and test new techniques as needed. Write specifications for automation.
Support both internal technical staff and editorial staff in writing or verifying data and interpretations to be used in internal documentation and in publications, including periodicals, press releases, or marketing materials.
Assist in consulting projects to develop custom solutions to particular problems raised by clients. Where appropriate, incorporate any new methods above practices.
The Statistician will use UNIX, S-Plus, R, SAS, other statistical software, and a Unix word processor or text editor such as vi, pico, or Emacs.
Training is available for local procedures, as well as underlying technical subject matter.

A PhD is preferred, however, a Master's degree plus experience and demonstrated ability in experimental design and data analysis can be substituted. Coursework in both Applied Statistics and Mathematical Statistics is required.

Prior Work Experience

One to two years of applied statistical work in addition to a Ph.D., or three to five years of applied statistical work in addition to a Masters degree in Statistics.

Required Specialized Skills and Knowledge
Knowledge of experimental design principles, including computation of standard errors for complex designs and/or correlated data
Model fitting methods, including both Linear and Non-Linear Regression techniques as well as Logistic models
Non-parametric modelling and hypothesis testing
Graphical presentation
Experience with Longitudinal and Time Series data is also desirable
Must be able to make use of appropriate Statistical Literature
Desired Specialized Skills and Knowledge
Experiences with SQL Databases, Neural Networks, Monte Carlo simulation and modelling procedures
Teaching experience
How to Apply
To apply, please send your resume and a cover letter to
Indicate the title (Statistician) in the subject line of your email.
Paste or type both your resume and cover letter into the body of your email in plain ASCII text.
If you have a relevant Web page, please include the URL in the body of your email.
If you send attachments, please have your name in each filename. (i.e. Bob_Smith_Resume.doc , Bob_Smith_Letter.doc)
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