The MathWorks


We are seeking a talented, creative statistician who is flexible, self-motivated, and hardworking to join our math/statistics development team. Use your skills in statistical analysis, GUI design and development, numerical analysis, scientific computation, and mathematical software development, as well as your understanding of the engineering software market, to enhance the statistical offerings of The MathWorks.

You will help propose, plan, and develop the statistical programming tools we offer to our MATLAB customers. This includes the design, architecture, and development of statistics codes and GUIs written in MATLAB and/or Java. The ability to work constructively in a team environment is vital. The candidate should have experience taking a project from concept to shipping.



We are also seeking a Numerical Analyst and an Integer Programming Specialist. You can get more information about The MathWorks, including descriptions of all job openings, from To apply for any of these positions, contact Matt Fisher at