Company: Sightward, Inc. (formerly Applied Inference)

Functional Consultants

Bellevue, WA.
Jobs in Chicago and New York


Statistical Consultant - Chicago and New York

We are seeking pre- and post-sales statistical consultants focused on introducing and deploying our predictive analytics solutions to clients, working closely with sales and engineering.

Up-to-date and applied knowledge of statistics
Proficiency in experimental design
Familiarity with pattern recognition principles
Skilled in large dataset transformation and analysis
Knowledge of database and data warehousing processes
Solid knowledge of Microsoft SQL and programming
Familiarity with CRM, particularly e-marketing issues
Excellent customer relations, consulting background
Strong communication and presentation skills
Seasoned, disciplined self-starter, able to work independently and as part of a
Ability to travel to and work at customer sites
Graduate degree in statistics or related field


Master our products and methodologies, and present them to prospective and existing clients Understand and identify customer business and technical needs relating to Sightward software and services, and recommend appropriate solutions Advise customers on data preparation, transformation and prediction, and interpret results Analyze and prepare data for use by the Sightward System Install the Sightward System at client sites Train users and administrators Provide feedback to engineering, marketing, and sales on customer requirements and feature requests

This positions will require travel

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(425) 467-1006
Attn: Human Resources