The Environmental Lands Division of Pinellas County's Department of Environmental Management


The Environmental Lands Division of Pinellas County's Department of Environmental Management is seeking qualified applicants for a newly created position of Biometrician to perform the database management and data analysis necessary for the Division's programs. Duties include managing the Division's databases, directing the statistical analysis of data, assisting with the publication and presentation of data to scientific and public audiences, and providing direction for the design of studies. The employee will work closely with the Research Program Coordinator and to lesser extents with the Land Management and Education Program Coordinators to assist with their initiatives. Successful applicants, at minimum, must have graduated from an accredited college or university with a Master's Degree in applied statistics, biometry, or ecological sciences with a strong emphasis in statistics. Experience in field ecological studies and a broad knowledge of computer applications also is important. Persons with a demonstrated ability to think creatively, communicate effectively, and work cooperatively are encouraged to apply.

The Environmental Lands Division is responsible for land management, research and educational programs on a wide diversity of environmentally sensitive properties in Pinellas County on Florida's southwest coast. This position will be based at Brooker Creek Preserve, an 8,000-acre wilderness near Tarpon Springs comprised of upland pinelands and freshwater wetlands, and will be supervised by the Research Program Coordinator. Salary is commensurate with experience. Applicants must be on a current County register to be considered and can do so 8-19 January. Interested persons should contact: Research Program Coordinator, Catherine Flegel, Ph.D. immediately for program details and for information on application procedures. Phone: (727) 943-4663 or e-mail: Pinellas County is an equal opportunity employer, and is compliant with all ADA, Affirmative Action, and Chapter 295 requirements. Pinellas County also is a Drug Free work place.