European research institute EURANDOM

Postdoctoral Fellow

In the following areas: The research programmes will be carried out by postdoctoral fellows and graduate students under the direction of senior scientists in the relevant areas. EURANDOM offers a stimulating environment for a research staff that presently consists of approximately 25 internationally recruited post-doctoral researchers and a small number of graduate students. Colloquia, workshops and an extensive programme for senior visitors are part of our scientific activities.

Postdoctoral fellows will typically receive an appointment for 2 years with a possible extension. As a post-doc at EURANDOM you do not have teaching obligations, but if you would like to teach at the graduate level, this can usually be arranged.

EURANDOM provides office space, well-equipped colloquium rooms and a common room. Adequate computing facilities and a modest in house library are available. EURANDOM is located at the campus of Eindhoven University of Technology. Full-scale libraries and supercomputing capacity and all other university facilities are also available for EURANDOM researchers.

Candidates for a postdoctoral fellowship are encouraged to send a letter of application, together with a curriculum vitae with full educational details, three letters of recommendation, a list of publications, pre-prints of selected papers or a thesis abstract to:

Prof.dr. W.R. van Zwet, Scientific Director
EURANDOM, P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Phone: + 31 40 247 8100; Fax: + 31 40 247 8190; e-mail: all@eurandom.tue.NL Requests for further information may be sent to the same address.

For more information about EURANDOM and the research programmes, please consult: