ESRU - Geostatisticcal Analyst

Geostatistical Analyst

ESRI, the world leader in GIS technology, is seeking advanced experts in the field of Statistics to help build, test, document, and deliver advanced GIS and geostatistical modeling tools for spatial scientists. ESRI has built and release a new Geostatistical extension to its key ArcGIS products (ArcInfo and ArcView). ESRI will continue to develop new tools and capabilities in this product for its users.

Candidates should have a strong theoretical background in Statistics or Geostatistics and preferably GIS experience. This position will work closely with development programmers on the geostatistics team in ESRI's software products division. The candidate will help with designs, user interfaces, and will focus on user documentation and testing tasks while development programmers on the team will work on system architecture, user interface, and programming tasks.

Responsibilities include: the ability to thoroughly understand and test the statistical methods and algorithms employed in the software; participation and review on key design teams; documenting the geostatistical tools to be employed by advanced spatial modelers. Requirements include: a Master's or Ph.D. in Geostatistics, Statistics or related field; comprehensive GIS experience preferred; the ability to write and communicate with software users; a broad understanding of key computer science concepts (DBMS, programming, object-oriented development); a comprehensive use and experience in UNIX or Windows operating systems. Position is located in Redlands, California, USA.

If you are interested in this position send your cover letter and resume with code GS/UFL/CM to jobs@esri.

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