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As many students are nearing the conclusion of their academic career, I am sure you are eagerly anticipating sending them out to make their mark in the world. There are numerous opportunities for them to take advantage of at this point.

As statistical recruiters, we at The Cambridge Group have strong relationships with most of the hiring managers nationwide. We would love the opportunity to work with your graduates to help them identify and benefit from these openings. Our services are free to your students!

Our service is based on a very personal and honest approach. We share our global perspective of the marketplace, discuss career paths and aid the student in determining how opportunities will meet their short and long term goals and needs. We readily offer advice on resume preparation, interviewing techniques and offer negotiations. Most importantly, we are a voice directly to the decision-makers for your students, highlighting their background and how they will meet our client's needs.

Specializing in the areas of pharmaceutical and commercial business, we typically seek entry level PhD/MS statisticians with applied experience and strong computing skills.

We would greatly appreciate your assistance in making your students aware of our services. Our clients plan their hiring well in advance so we can begin now to help students expecting to graduate any time within the next year.

Our Website is There you will find additional information about The Cambridge Group, as well as many active positions.

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Lori Judson,
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