BellSouth Consumer Services

Force Model Planning Manager

Short Job Description:

BellSouth Consumer Services wants A Multi-Talented Individual with a statistical trend analysis and forecasting background.

Long Job Description:

This position is responsible for the development, project management, and support of strategic and tactical plans used in the introduction and maintenance of multiple force administration and mechanized time reporting systems. This activity ultimately affects the weekly work schedules along with resulting payroll of approximately 15,000 employees in BellSouth Telecommunications Customer Services department (Operator Services, Business Offices, and Centralized Repair Service Attendant Bureaus). Conducts the implementation and ongoing evaluation of all force administration mechanization projects. Responsible for providing input related to mechanization requests and for developing appropriate project approval documents. Current system responsibility includes the following mechanized systems: IFAMS/Assign, FADS/EMPS, SCORS, MTR,OSER, and the entire FMSXTRA system (including the In-Charge, Forecast, Schedule, Allocate, Assign, Employee History, Vacation Scheduling/Tracking, and E-914 Long and Short range modules). This position is also responsible for development/maintenance of the Consumer Force model for Sales/Service?Collection gates. Force model responsibilities include, but are not limited to, year over year call volume trend analysis and forecasting, overhead availability recommendations and determination of staffing requirements for each territory. Interfaces directly with Finance to determine yearly budget headcount requirements for each territory. Required extensive knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint, statistical trend analysis and forecasting skills. A background in Consumer business office(s) is desired, undergraduate business is required. Candidates must presently be PG 57 or higher, no non-management candidates.