Behavioral Intervention Research Branch, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Senior Level Biostatistician

We are seeking an experienced, senior level biostatistician who has: * PhD or DrPH in Biostatistics or related field; * Excellent research credentials, with experience in HIV intervention research or a related area; * Superior data analytical and data management skills; and, * Experience with collaborative research projects or working with multi-disciplinary teams of researchers.

The Behavioral Intervention Research Branch has four major purposes:

1) conduct HIV intervention research;
2) examine methodological issues in HIV intervention research;
3) summarize and synthesize the intervention research literature; and,
4) study the translation, diffusion, and sustainability of intervention research findings.

The branch consists of a deputy and four teams:
1) Individual and Small Group Interventions;
2) Community Level Interventions;
3) Research Methods; and,
4) Research Synthesis and Support.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The PhD level Biostatistician will be part of a Biostat group, within the Research Synthesis and Support Team, consisting of biostatisticians and data analysts/programmers. Within the group, the incumbent will work with, and supervise, the data analysts/programmers as they provide data management, data analysis and statistical support for the ongoing methodological and intervention research across the four teams of the branch. The research is collaborative, as multi-disciplinary teams of researchers, including biostatisticians, epidemiologists, behavioral scientists, etc., work together from the start of a project. The incumbent will be encoraged to do his/her own methodological research, as it relates to the overall mission of the branch. He/she will also be encoraged to publish as a result of the collaborative intervention research, as well as his/her own methodological research.


Applications are accepted through October 18, 2000.


Go to this link: for the position description and application information.

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Go to "training and employment", then go to "employment opportunities". Search under current job openings for: SERIES=1529, GRADE=14, TITLE=Mathematical Statistician. The announcement # is 1-00-1013.

Then you can download the position description and application

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