ATR Interpreting Telecommunications Research Laboratories

Mathematician (Probability)/Programmer Job

Mathematician (Probability) / Programmer Job Opportunity

Statistical Natural Language Processing
ATR Interpreting Telecommunications Research Laboratories
Kyoto, Japan

ATR in Kyoto, Japan is looking for a talented and experienced mathematician (good probability background) / computer scientist who is interested in coming to Japan and joining an exciting research project in statistical natural language processing. The overall goals of the project are to continue development of natural langage parsers and use them in statistical French<->English language translation. The research group which the candidate would become part of has developed and is refining a natural language parsing system based on statistical machine learning algorithms. The job begins ideally in March, 2001 and lasts for 1-4 years. Later start dates are possible, though not a first choice.

A qualified candidate must have the Ph.D. degree, preferably math, physics, computer science; with extensive programming experience and expertise in C++. Ability to innovate approaches to applied mathematical problems in the area of probability required. Experience with statistical modelling within general pattern recognition field also important. Familiarity with natural language field a plus but not absoutely necessary. Candidate should know UNIX well and in general be a highly expert programmer. This is not a job for those who are theoreticians only, but rather is for someone who is equally at home with issues of statistical modelling theory, experimental method, and detailed coding matters. Java/Corba experience would be nice, though again not required. The position involves supervision of several researchers and programmers as well.

Salary and conditions competitive.

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