Center for AIDS Rsearch


There is a opening for a postdoctoral fellow in Biostatistics at the Center for AIDS Research. This position will consist primarily of consulting and collaboration, with a minimum 20% allocated for statistical research. The Center is a source for many interesting and extremely diverse statistical problems, including the analysis of sexual and social networks, longitudinal limit-of-detection assay data, HIV viral genetics, imaging using fMRI and fMRS to study HIV, behavioral and prevention trials, and health services and utilization problems.

Ph.D. in biostat, stat or math required; restricted to those with U.S. work permits. Early reply advised as positions may be awarded at any time. Send a letter of introduction, CV, and four letters of reference to: Postdoctoral Committee, Department of Biostatistics, Box 357232, Seattle, WA, 98195.

For more information, contact Tony Rossini at