Tutorial on using Canon ScanFront 220P

This scanner will accept a stack of documents and turn them into a PDF attachment in an email. It will also produce JPG and TIFF files suitable for web pages.

The feed selector switch should be in the down position, so that sheets in the input tray are separated and scanned individually. The fingerprint reader is not used.

The screen is a touchscreen. Touch the upper right corner with a fingertip to wake up the screensaver. Press firmly, the touchscreen requires more force than a laptop mouse pad.

Press "E-mail". The device can write scans to other places than email, but sending email seems to take the least fuss.

Press your name in the directory to email the scans to you. You can also email to someone not in the directory if you set up a directory entry for them. The email will come from the address This address will bounce if sent or replied to.

Recipient is selected, press "Next".

Adjust the "Scan Settings" dropdown menus on the right to match your documents.

Press "File format" to select between generating TIFF, JPG, or PDF files, and their respective options.

Press "Delivery Options" to enter a Subject line and body of the message to which the scans will be attached. The onscreen keyboard is slow to use because you need to press the screen firmly; the external keyboard is much faster.

If you pressed "File Format", you get this screen of options.

If you pressed "Delivery Options", you get this screen of options.

Stack your documents face down in the upper tray. Press the big green button.

This is a preview of your scan. If it looks good, press "Continue to scan".

When the last page has been scanned, press "Complete". Press "Send", and your email is dispatched. Collect your documents from the exit tray at the bottom.

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