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New User Information

This page is provided for first time users of our system. It provides information about system policies, user responsibilities, and orientation material. 

System Description 

The department computer system consists of roughly 100 Unix Workstations, Xterminals, PCs, and Macs scattered through out Griffin­Floyd and McCarty C Halls, as well as the Communicore building at the Health Science Center, and Children's Medical Services Building. 

The department's systems are interconnected via CLASNet and HealthNet. CLASNet is in turn connected to the Internet, which provides international access to computer systems, electronic mail facilities, and databases around the world. We are not alone.  

The computers throughout the Department provide a level of connectivity that allow users to seamlessly retrieve and manipulate personal files from any seat within the department. With a few notable exceptions, the system provides platform independent access to available programs, which means you should be able to run everything from anywhere. This system is constantly being updated and enhanced to provide the highest level of support available (within budgetary constraints). 

Important Policies 

Here is a list of some of the most important system policies to remember as you begin to use your account.  It is expected that you will read and familarize yourself with our Policy Guide which contains a complete list of system usage policies. 

The Golden Rule 

Remember the "Golden Rule" your mom told you about (with pointed finger) when you were about 3 years old? It still applies (in modified form) with your use of the system. Our golden rule is: 

Never let your use of the system adversly affect another user's use of the system. 

You are not alone and at one time or another you will "bump" into the work of another user. There are some things you can do to be sure that you follow the "golden rule".   Use such tools as top, ps, who, and nice to get a feel for how your work is affecting the system and the other users on the system.  You should also read your email regularly and adhear to instructions from the system staff. 

New User Computer Orientation Guide 

All first time users should read through the New User Computer Orientation Guide to become better aquainted with the Department's computing environment. 


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