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 delete route 3-20


 erase all-flash 2-7

 erase comos 2-5

 erase configuration 2-4


 gateway, booting from PROM 2-12, 2-14



 Frame Relay subinterfaces 6-13

 temporarily changing configuration 3-12

 verifying configuration with 3-10

 verifying state of Frame Relay interfaces 6-8


 netmask, booting from PROM 2-12, 2-14


 ping, verifying network connections 3-9


 filtering DNS packets 3-15

 filtering IPX packets 3-16

 tracing ping packets 3-18

 tracing RIP packets 3-19

 tracing TCP packets 3-17

 tracing UDP packets 3-17

 ptrace extended, displaying interface 3-13


 reset console, administrative session 3-5

 reset v0, suspended session 4-7

 reset W1, disabling a hardwired port 1-7


 set console, administrative Telnet sessions 3-5

set debug

0x51  debugging PPP negotiation 4-2

 Frame Relay 6-4

 using to display DLCI list 6-5

 ccp-lzs, compression problems 4-10

 isdn 5-9

 set endpoint, Multichassis PPP 4-7

set ether0

 address, Ethernet port problems 1-8

 netmask, Ethernet port problems 1-8

 set isdn-numberplan 5-4

 set isdn-numbertype 5-4

 set line0 loopback, resetting PRI 5-8

 set maximum pmconsole, setting number of concurrent sessions 3-8

set S0

 dn, setting directory number 5-4

 spid, setting service profile identifier. 5-4

set W1

 destination, disabling a hardwired port 1-6

 protocol, disabling a hardwired port 1-6

 show all, output after ComOS erasure 2-3

show arp

 displaying DLCI list 6-5

 ether0, using when ping is not working 3-9

 show ether0, diagnosing Ethernet port problems 1-7

show global

 output after ComOS erasure 2-3

 troubleshooting a Telnet session 3-5

 show ipxroute, Frame Relay 6-11

show isdn

 BRI connections 5-3

 d0, D channel information 5-3

 PRI connections 5-5

show line0

 confirming physical synchronization 5-7

 PRI connections 5-6

 show mcppp, displaying neighbors 4-8

 show netconns, Telnet session 3-6

show netstat

 checking a subinterface 6-14

 Ethernet hardware problems 1-9

 using when ping is not working 3-9

 show routes, routing problems 3-20

show route-to-dest

 finding particular route 3-22

 Frame Relay 6-3

 show S0, displaying port state 1-6

 show sap, Frame Relay 6-12

 show sessions, port use in Multichassis PPP 4-7

 show table user, authentication problems 2-21


 tftp, booting from PROM 2-12, 2-14


 diagnosing routing problems 3-21

 Frame Relay 6-10


 version, determining ComOS version 3-8

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