The Department of Statistics at the University of Florida will host its Seventh Annual Winter Workshop in Gainesville, Florida during January 6-8, 2005. The workshop will focus on recent developments in statistical methods for analyzing longitudinal data and on applications of such techniques in many areas. A major purpose of the workshop is to foster interaction between senior and young researchers, to assess the current state of art in longitudinal data analysis and to promote discussion in related topics.In addition to invited presentations, the symposium will include a contributed poster session.

There will be a welcome reception from 7PM-10PM at Keene Faculty Center, in Dauer Hall. Please note this is an update to the program schedule published below.

Invited Speaker' Talks


The symposium is organized by Linda Young, George Casella, Alan Agresti, Mike Daniels, Cyndi Garvan, André Khuri, and Alex Trindade.



Holiday Inn 352-376-1661
Reitz Union Hotel 352-392-2151