Hotel Directions

If you are taking a taxi in Gainesville, any cab driver should be able to take you to either the Reitz Union Hotel on campus or to the Holiday Inn - University Center, adjacent to campus.

If you're driving, it's useful to know that with just a few exceptions Gainesville is laid out on a grid system. Avenues, Places, Road, and Lanes (just remember APRiL) run east-west, while most everything else (streets for example) runs north and south. University Avenue divides North from South, and Main Street divides East from West.

To get to the conference hotels, here's what you should do:

  1. Get yourself to the intersection of University Avenue (a.k.a. S.R. 26) and West 13th Street (a.k.a. U.S. 441). This is the northeast corner of campus. If you're looking for the HOLIDAY INN you just found it (it's on the northeast corner of this intersection).

    To continue to the REITZ UNION:

  2. Go south on 13th Street to Museum Road and make a right turn.
  3. Continue on Museum Road through two traffic lights. Take the first right (I think) after the second light (there should be a sign for Reitz Union). This is basically the driveway for Reitz Union and there's a circle at the end. You can pull up there and go inside to check in. Ask the clerk for a parking pass and a campus map when you check in.

You can visit to see a campus map. The last "major" intersection in the upper right corner of the map is the intersection of University Ave and West 13th St. (location of the Holiday Inn). If you enter "Reitz" in the Map Search box it will show you where Reitz Union is. You can click to zoom in. Of course you can also find Dauer Hall, University Auditorium, and Griffin-Floyd Hall in the same way.

Brett Presnell
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