UF Winter Workshop: An IMS Mini-Meeting on Imaging, Classification, and Clustering

January 11-12, 2002
University of Florida - Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics of the University of Florida will host its Fourth Annual Winter Workshop on January 11-12, 2002 in Gainesville, Florida. The workshop will focus on developments in classification and Clustering, and their applications. We expect to have 14 invited speakers each giving a 30-minute talk with 10 minutes for discussion.

Speakers Will Include:

         Terrence Fine (Cornell U.)
         Christopher Genovese (Carnegie Mellon U.)
         Edward George (U. of Pennsylvania)
         Peter Hall (Australia)
         Mark Van Der Laan (UC Berkeley)
         Nick Lange (Harvard U.)
         Art Owen (Stanford U.)
         Robert Paige (Texas Tech U.)
         Dennis Pearl (Ohio State U.)
         Anand Rangarajan (U. of Florida)
         Christopher Small (U. of Waterloo)
         Anuj Srivastiva (Florida State U.)
         Mark Yang (U. of Florida)
         Hongyu Zhao (Yale U.)

In addition to invited papers, the symposium will include a contributed poster session. The graduate school at the University of Florida has contributed funds for the purpose of supporting a small number of graduate students from peer institutions to attend the symposium. Each sponsored student will receive free lodging at the Reitz Union Hotel for up to three nights, in addition to a registration waiver, which includes two breakfasts, one lunch and a BBQ. Sponsored students are expected to share rooms, two to a room. Interested students should send a 1-page cv and estimated expenses to Marilyn Saddler at marilyn@stat.ufl.edu. Requests should be received before November 15, 2001. The selected students will be notified by November 29, 2001. Other guests of the conference are invited to make reservations with the Holiday Inn University Center ((352) 376-1661).

The symposium is organized by George Casella, Sam Wu, Jim Booth, Dave Wilson, Rongling Wu, Brett Presnell, Alan Hutson and Jim Kepner, all of the Statistics Department at the University of Florida. For more information: Carol Rozear, Dept. of Statistics, University of Florida, P.O. Box 118545, Gainesville, Florida 32611-8545 USA, phone: (352)-392-1941 ext. 207, fax (352)392-5175. For hotel reservations at the Holiday Inn University Center, please call (352) 376-1661.

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