Symposium on Selected Topics in Variance Components Analysis

January 21-22, 2000
University of Florida - Department of Statistics

The Department of Statistics at the University of Florida will host a two-day symposium on selected topics in variance components analysis on January 21-22, 2000. The organizational committee consists of Andre I. Khuri and Malay Ghosh, from the University of Florida, and Pranab K. Sen from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The focus of the symposium will be on current developments in variance components analysis with emphasis on the following three areas:

  1. Frequentist inference (mixed linear models, generalized linear mixed models, designs for variance components estimation).
  2. Bayesian inference for variance components.
  3. Applications of variance components in statistical genetics.
In addition to the invited papers, the symposium will also include a small number of contributed poster sessions. The conference will support up to ten graduate students from peer institutions to attend the symposium. Each student will receive free lodging at the Reitz Union Hotel for up to three nights, in addition to a registration waiver which includes two breakfasts, two lunches and a banquet. Students are expected to share rooms, two to a room. Interested students should contact
A letter from the student's advisor indicating the benefits of attending the symposium should accompany the student's application. Requests should be received before October 1, 1999. The selected students will be notified by October 15, 1999.

Invited Speakers Include:

Symposium Program:
The Symposium Program is available.
Invited Speaker and Poster Session Abstracts are also available.

Campus Map:
An enlargeable campus map is available online. If you type in a building name (eg. Reitz or Floyd) in the "Map Search" box at the top, the building will appear circled in red.

Contributed Poster Session:
You may submit an abstract online for a contributed paper. The deadline is November 1, 1999.

Please also register if you wish to attend the symposium.

Various symposium accommodations are available.
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