SPAIG Speaker List

As one of its initiatives, SPAIG (Statistics Partnerships among Academe, Industry and Government) has created this web site which contains a list of faculty members at academic institutions who are willing to present either seminars or shortcourses for industry or government employees and a list of industry/government statisticians willing to give talks at academic institutions. These lists are created to promote interaction between academic statisticians and their colleagues in industry and government, to encourage continuing education opportunities for government and industrial statisticians, to provide speakers who might promote the use of statistical expertise and methods in industrial and government settings and to provide students and faculty with insights into the uses of statistics and employment opportunities in industry and government. Seminars are at a variety of technical levels, and are requested to address practical statistical issues of interest to the audience.

The list are self subscribed and there are instructions available for persons wishing to be listed. No effort will be made to screen it by SPAIG. The presenter is solely responsible for the content and style of presentation. The presence of a person's name on the list does not imply the endorsement of SPAIG.

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Clare M.  Mahan
  Logistic Regression Analysis
William C. Parr
  Sources of Variation: How SHOULD You Set Limits for an Xbar Chart?
  How do World Class Organizations Use Statistics?
Peter J. Sherman
  Random Processes in Relation to Rotating Machinery
Geoff Vining
  The Dual Response Alternative to Robust Parameter Design
  Statistical Alternatives to Taguchi's Robust Parameter Design
  Fundamentals of Experimental Design for Quality Improvement
  An Introduction to Response Surface Methodology
Joe Voelkel
  Minimum-Aberration Split-Plot Designs
  Sequential Experimental Designs for Sensitivity Experiments
  Estimating Cpk for Non-Stable Processes
  Harnessing SPC and ANOVA to Improve Complex Processes
  Design of Experiments
  Harnessing SPC and ANOVA to Improve Complex Processes


Robert R. Starbuck
  The Role of the Clinical Statistician
  Anxiety Over Statistics (or Vice Versa?)
Jack Moshman
  Election Night Vote Projections
Tim K. Keyes
  Statistical Aspects of Valuing Global Non-performing Loan

Devan V. Mehrotra
  Relative Risk Estimation and Inference Using a Generalized  
  Robust Analysis of Repeated Measures Experiments
  Stratification Issues for a Trial with a Binary Endpoint 

David L. DesJardins
  Converting Your Technical Paper into the Best Presentation of Your Life!

Thomas E. Bradstreet, Ph.D.
  Sampling Plans and Combinatorial Theorems for a Stopping Rule of Order k

Illustrating the Neyman-Pearson Lemma with a Stopping Rule of Order k
Conditional Two Sample Permutation Tests for a Stopping Rule of Order k
Examples of Preclinical and Clinical Trials Used in Drug Develpment
Preparing for the Interview: Student Preparation for Finding a Job in Industry