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R Shiny Developer Intern
After Inc.

Company Information: After Inc. is a leading provider of warranty/marketing analytics and technology solutions

Position Title: R Shiny Developer Intern

Duties and Responsibilities: Develop client reports with R Shiny and other tools
Create reporting templates
Research new Shiny features and document best practices

Position Qualifications: Current graduate student working towards a Masters or PhD in Statistics, Computer Science, Applied Math, Econometrics or related field.

R programming experience and ability to use statistical, reporting and database packages to deal with various analytical and data processing tasks

Expertise with R Shiny using both out-of-the-box features and extensions, such as htmlwidgets, shinyjs, and shinydashboard

Knowledge of front-end web development languages and frameworks, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, d3.js, etc.

Effective oral and written communication skills

Ability to leverage various open-source technologies

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