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Position Title: Biostatistician

Duties and Responsibilities: Participate in the design and analysis of research studies; participate in the evaluation and maintenance of data quality and integrity; assist in preparation of reports, manuscripts, abstracts and research proposals.
Participate in the development of research studies, including recommendation of design specifics and the estimation of power and required sample size.
Advise investigators on statistical aspects of study designs.
Prepare statistical sections for grant proposals and IRB/Human Subject and IACUC applications.
Statistical Analysis:
Research statistical methodology and identify optimal modes of implementation.
Perform library research on specified topics, including methods and trends in clinical trials data analysis techniques; to evaluate those methods and trends and apply them in data analysis as appropriate; to prepare bibliographies and abstracts.Identify and perform appropriate statistical analyses as required, and to produce accompanying descriptive materials for a variety of types of investigations, including clinical, basic science, translational and oral public health research; while demonstrating the ability to work independently.
Assist in judging the validity of data obtained and to recommend additional tests and/or modifications to the analysis.
Write programs to generate data summaries and data listings for reports.
Write, test, document, and implement computer programs which perform simple to complex statistical analyses and other computations, including simulation studies.
Carry out statistical modeling and fully assess associated assumptions.
Write reports of statistical analyses and to prepare written materials for funding agencies and others (e.g., NIH, FDA).
Communicate with investigators at collaborating institutions regarding data analysis issues; determine appropriate analysis techniques for answering the questions of interest; communicate results to investigators in writing.
Participate in the development of methods for organizing, documenting, and archiving statistical analysis programs, data sets, and results; to work closely with other collegiate faculty and staff in conducting analyses and archiving results.
Assist in case report form design for data collection and database design for data storage and retrieval.
Prepare reports describing and summarizing results of statistical analyses for collaborators, as well as documenting methodology used.
Implement identified methods and carry  out corresponding analyses.
Presentation/Publication Assistance:
Prepare data presentations for statistical reports, conferences, meetings, or for publications which consist of charts, graphs, tables, or other illustrations to facilitate the interpretation of research findings.
Assist in the preparation of research papers and manuscripts for publication and presentation at conferences and meetings; to assist in the preparation of abstracts for professional meetings; to assist in writing project reports, grant applications, articles, and other documents.
Communicate and present results of analyses at investigators’ meetings and other forums.
Support the teaching and outreach activities related to the Biostatistics Unit, including assisting with the preparation of materials and illustrative examples.
Human Resources/Leadership:
Serve on collegiate advisory committees and provide statistical expertise in areas such as technology evaluation and acquisition.
Assist with staff training and provide supervision and instruction when needed for continuity and backup.

Position Qualifications: Education Required:
Requires the academic knowledge of the area of biostatistics or applied statistics, including advanced study that is generally associated with a Master’s degree, or
an equivalent combination of education and progressively responsible work experience which includes analysis of biological and/or clinical data.
Experience Required:
1-3 years of successful experience which includes:
Effective oral and written communication skills and interpersonal skills.
SAS including:
dataset creation,
merging and data step programming,
use of SAS macros,
and knowledge of proper SAS procedures for statistical analyses.
Demonstrated fluency with R language.
Demonstrated ability with handling, analysis and graphical representation of high-dimensional data
Desirable Qualifications:
HIGHLY Desirable:
Experience with sample size and power estimation is highly desirable.
Knowledge of relational database methods is highly desirable.
Demonstrated ability to function independently and in a team environment.
Experience with the analysis of 3-D imaging data and/or morphometric data is desirable.
Experience with:
​repeated measures analysis,
linear and non-linear mixed effects models,
cluster analysis,
survival analysis, and
evaluation of rater and machine reliability, for both qualitative and quantitative outcomes.
Knowledge of dental nomenclature and classification
Experience with statistical genetic analysis / analysis of data from genetic epidemiology investigations.

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