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Postdoctoral Fellow
Harvard University

Company Information: A Postdoctoral Fellow position is available at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard. The position involves methodological and applied statistical research for the design and analysis of HIV/AIDS studies. The fellow will work under the supervision of a Biostatistics Faculty and will have opportunities to collaborate on multidisciplinary research projects.

The Ragon Institute seeks to establish a model of scientific collaboration that links the clinical, translational and basic science experts at MGH, MIT, Harvard and the Broad Institute to tackle the greatest global health challenges related to infectious disease research.

Position Title: Postdoctoral Fellow

Duties and Responsibilities: (1). Analyze, interpret and present multivariate HIV/AIDS data using advanced statistical methods and co-author peer reviewed papers
(2). Develop statistical methodology for HIV/AIDS research and prepare first author manuscripts
(3). Participate in study design, grant writing , data management and archiving
(4). Other duties as assigned

Position Qualifications: (1). Applicants should have a strong quantitative background and hold a Ph.D. in statistics, biostatistics or a related quantitative field.
(2). Candidates should have a strong programming skill, familiarity with C++/C# or java is a plus.
(3). Candidates should have a strong written and oral communication skills, and ability to work independently and with collaborators.
(4). Previous interdisciplinary collaboration experience and previous experience with HIV/AIDS research are highly desirable.
(5). A basic understanding of a relational database management system (RDBMS) and experience in database environment such as SQL Server or Oracle is a plus

Salary Range: Salary to be commensurate with qualifications and experience of candidate



Application Information: Interested applicants should send their teaching/research statements, a CV with the contact information of 3 references to:

Contact Email:

Application Deadline: