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Lead Statistician
BioStat Solutions, Inc. (BSSI)

Company Information: BioStat Solutions, Inc. (BSSI) is a statistical consulting corporation in service to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and biodefense industries. BSSIs key service areas include the development and implementation of analytical strategies for biomarker studies, biodefense countermeasure development, and medical device / (companion) diagnostic studies.

Position Title: Lead Statistician

Duties and Responsibilities: Job Objective:
Lead Statistician to function as a Research Scientist and support Management in achieving, maintaining and advancing the objectives of the Analytical Operations at BSSI

Lead Statistician includes these responsibilities:
Independent project development, including but not limited to, ascertainment of client needs, recommendations on statistical methodology, and authoring Statistical Analysis Plans (SAPs)
Serve in a leadership role for Statisticians / Statistical Analysts by offering technical expertise and guidance towards achieving project-related or company-related goals
Actively participate in resource planning (i.e. planning of individual projects and strategic resource allocation)
Actively identify and pursue options for improving the quality of the work product
Provide support in evaluating and optimizing BSSIs High-Performance Computing environment
Facilitate client interactions / relationships
Travel as required / requested by clients or Management
Support BSSI’s Business Development efforts as requested by Management

In addition to the responsibilities of the Statistician position:

Assist clients by providing analytical strategies in major therapeutic areas and diseases
Communicate with external and internal team members
Conduct work in accordance with BSSI standard operating procedures (SOPs), BSSI QA/QC policies, client-specific requirements and applicable regulatory guidelines
Serve in the Project Lead role (described in BSSI’s SOPs) as appropriate
Develop statistical analysis plans to achieve study objectives for clients
Identify, evaluate and recommend statistical methods for use in analysis as appropriate
Perform statistical analysis and programming (R, SAS, and other appropriate languages)
Provide quality control and analysis of a wide spectrum of datasets (targeted studies, genome-wide association studies, next generation sequencing, genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, etc.)
Validate statistical results with team members to ensure high quality deliverables
Identify, interpret and present meaningful findings to key individuals (i.e. answer the “so what” questions)
Provide technical writing for analysis plans, protocols and regulatory documents as needed, and summarize results (i.e. tables, figures and listings) for inclusion in presentations or reports
Provide guidance to BSSIs Statistical Analysts on topics such as statistical methodology and programming
Participate in internal research and development activities
Develop hypothesis testing strategies and statistical models
Collaborate in research efforts and write scientific reports
Attend on site client visits and present findings as needed

Position Qualifications: o 3-5 years work experience in related field
Demonstrated leadership ability
Demonstrated expertise in the theory and application of statistics
Proficiency in Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Proficiency in SAS and R
Proven ability to work independently and in a team environment
Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Qualified candidates must be legally authorized to be employed in the US

BioStat Solutions, Inc. is a voluntary equal opportunity employer

Salary Range:

Benefits: BSSI offers a comprehensive package that includes Health Insurance coverage (Medical, Dental, Vision, prescription drugs). Health Savings Account (HSA) for qualifying plans, Group Life Insurance, Long and Short Term Disability Insurance at no charge to the employee, 401k after eligibility period, Flexible work hours, etc..


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