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Postdoc Positions in Statistics/Machine Learning
Kuang-Chi Institute of Advanced Technology

Company Information: Kuang-Chi Institute of Advanced Technology (hereinafter referred to as Kuang-Chi)is a global innovation group, which was founded in 2010 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Originating as a five-person team, the company has expanded to a Global Community of Innovation (GCI) of more than 2,600 employees. It has two listed companies, Kuang-Chi Technology (002625.SZ) and Kuang-Chi Science (00439.HK), and a state key laboratory and multiple municipal key laboratories.

Position Title: Postdoc Positions in Statistics/Machine Learning

Duties and Responsibilities: In cooperation with Prof. Jun Liu, who is a tenured professor of Harvard University, Kuang-Chi is carrying out postdoctoral joint training program. The program warmly welcome the researchers, who have outstanding capability and strong motivation to conduct advanced study and practice in the fields, including statistical modeling, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, big data, advanced computations and uncertainty quantification. The fellowship is two or three-year, full-time commitment. The successful candidate must be committed to excellence in research and collaborates with Prof. Jun Liu and other PIs on interdisciplinary methodological research and applied projects.

The research consist of, but not limited to, the below three aspects: The program focuses on the interaction of machine learning and statistics, the aim is to develop novel statistical methods enhanced by the cutting-edge machine learning technology; The program conducts an in-depth understanding of the metrics in a complex data space, the aim is to exploit the structure of the data in order to propose the targeted solutions of improving and/or developing statistical and machine learning methods; The research is stimulated by all kinds of practical data and real applications, including various images, surveillance videos, biomedical image/voice data, web texts, and etc.

Position Qualifications: 1. Candidates should have a strong background in statistics, mathematics, computer science, electronic engineering, applied physics and/or scientific computation, including related project experience.
2. Candidates should have at least two year experience in Python and/or R programming.
3. Experience with big data processing and analysis is preferred.
4. The applicant must have got a doctoral degree and has strong research interest.
5. Ability to create clear, concise figures for publications and to work harmoniously as a member of a team with people of diverse educational and cultural backgrounds is also required.

Salary Range: Up to ¥600K per annum subject to experience and qualifications.

Benefits: 1. Bonus: Paid according to personal work conditions.
2. Stock: Stock holding plans and restricted stocks.


Application Information: To apply, send a full CV, a cover letter and contact details of at least two references as a package to Dr. Yiqi LIU. All applications will be reviewed immediately, and early submissions are encouraged.

Contact Email:

Application Deadline: 06/30/2018