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Senior Research Fellow in Computational Genomics / Statistics
University of Melbourne, Australia

Company Information: The recent establishment of the University of Melbourne Centre for Systems Genomics (CSG directed by Professor David Balding, is a new initiative to strengthen the involvement of statisticians in the advances being made in genomics and computational biology. CSG is an interdisciplinary research centre for the application of maths/stats/computing techniques to genomic profiling data to help understand genotype- to-phenotype process in humans and other organisms. The University of Melbourne provides a wide range of opportunities for exciting research collaboration. The Parkville precinct has the greatest concentration of biological and medical research in Australia, and among the greatest internationally.

The University of Melbourne’s School of Mathematics and Statistics is one of Australia’s leading mathematics and statistics schools. It has achieved this status through the high quality of its research and teaching programs. The School offers a wide range of subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students and is involved in aspects of community life that impact on the interests of the School and the discipline. It is one of the objectives of the University to develop and maintain a strong international profile. In this context, members of the School have strong collaborative links with colleagues in the United States of States of America, most countries in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Position Title: Senior Research Fellow in Computational Genomics / Statistics

Duties and Responsibilities: The School for Mathematics and Statistics and its partner, the Centre for Systems Genomics (CSG), are seeking an enthusiastic research fellow to work on our pioneering projects in statistical integration of large biological data sets, and their implementation in the mixOmics multivariate R toolkit.
The Research Fellow will be responsible for leading cutting-edge statistical developments to address some of the data analysis challenges arising from the latest advances in high-throughput sequencing technologies, including the analysis of microbiome data (amplicon, shotgun sequencing and longitudinal experiments), genetic or single cell sequencing data. In this role you will thrive in a unique multi-disciplinary environment amongst statisticians, bioinformaticians and biologists in this initiative, and enjoy the opportunity to contribute to teaching in the classroom (within your areas of expertise) and for hands-on multiple day workshops. You will be part of the Lê Cao lab that specialises in the development of novel computational methods for biological ‘omics data.
The position will be based at the Centre for Systems Genomics and will report to Dr Kim-Anh Lê Cao. This presents the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the development of the Centre, to collaborate and interact with several other new appointees in the Statistics and Mathematical & Computational Biology research groups within the School, and with researchers from a wide range of biological research areas who interact with members of the Centre.

Position Qualifications: A PhD or equivalent research higher degree in statistics, or interdisciplinary
computational statistics research in genomics or a related area.

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Application Information: Position is 3 years fixed term. Details on selection criteria and application at this link:

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Application Deadline: 11/13/2017