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Head of Data Analytics
Prenosis, Inc.

Company Information: Prenosis is an early stage start-up company working on early screening of infection related adverse events in hospital and pre-hospital environments. We currently have 7 full time employees and have raised >$5M in funding. We are combining expertise in hardware (accurate measurement of biomarkers, point of care devices, etc) with expertise in machine learning and statistics to build a complete hardware-software system for prediction of infection related averse events.

Position Title: Head of Data Analytics

Duties and Responsibilities: – Primary person responsible for the release of final software product to hospital customers by mid 2019. Report directly to company CEO. Will have opportunity to rise rapidly in the company.

– Lead team of technicians, computer scientists, and engineers to develop a precision medicine predictive analytics system for early screening of infection related adverse events in hospitals.

– Recruit additional engineers to team and define company culture. Will eventually be responsible for a team of 5-7 scientists.

– Oversee data collection process to continue to build a powerful unique data set proprietary to Prenosis

– Work with regulatory agencies (FDA, CMS), clinical testing labs, hospital administrators, physicians, nurses, quality control officers, etc. to ensure that the delivered product is compliant, desired by customers, and will fit into the hospital system.

Position Qualifications: * Requires a minimum of a Master’s degree in biostatistics or computer science with significant experience dealing with biological data sets. Either a Master’s degrees with >3 years industry experience in healthcare analytics or a PhD is required.
* Expertise in biostatistics is required.
* Expertise in actual implementation of machine learning algorithms is required (ideally R and Python).
* Experience on and/or leading analytics development teams is desired.
* Experience dealing with hospital electronic medical record data is desired.
* Experience with dealing with biological assays (ELISAs, flow cytometry, RNA sequencing, etc) is desired.
* Demonstrates well-developed written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills, with the ability to establish highly functional relationships with diverse personalities, both within and outside the company.

Must be passionate about making a difference in health care and must be curious and challenged by a difficult problem. Must be extremely self-driven and motivated to get to the end goal.

Salary Range: $100k+ and could potentially include stock options in Prenosis

Benefits: As a full time employee, you will have healthcare, vacation, paid sick leave, etc.


Application Information: Please contact Bobby Reddy, Jr. (Prenosis CEO) at

Contact Email:

Application Deadline: 05/31/2017